These Artistes Are Out Of This World! Have You Met Them? Have You Explored Their Sounds? We’ve Got You!

Ghana music artistes

Sometimes you hear a song from one artiste and you start wondering… who is he/she?

Some of us go ahead and keep digging to get to know more about the artiste’s style!

Some of us too…we just forget about them till we hear another song from the again!

We know the joy of exploring an artiste’s sound which is why we have some perfectly curated playlists from some of the artistes who are doing impressively well in the music industry!

We handpicked some of the gems and strategically put them together to make your listening pleasure an EXPERIENCE!!

Meet Kelvyn Boy! He dropped a perfect EP this year and if you don’t fall in love with him after this, you have some hard wax in your ears!!

Meet Tulenkey! The Proud president of the fvck boys’ nation! There’s more to him than just that fvck boys anthem you shout any time you hear it play! He’s a genius with words and his delivery is crazy! He’s got even more dope songs you should listen to!!

Kirani Ayat. The Hausa god that’s bringing the Northern part of Ghana closer to us in Accra!! He sings and raps proudly in his native language in a way that really proves that music is universal cos someway somehow, you STILL connect with what he’s saying!!

Kofi Mole!!! The “aporsor” gangsta that’s turning every verse he touches into gold! He’s becoming a huge name in the music industry and he’s one of the hardest rappers we have listened to!!!

We bet you have heard of La Meme Gang but you haven’t tried their music individually! Nxwrth is an amazing producer with sounds that will switch your mood from 0 to a 100 real quick!! Kwaku BS, on the other hand, is some singer!!! You shock briefly? Just listen to him!

Kiddblack and $pacely have the most unique voices in the La Meme gang! Kiddblack’s deep voice drops bars like no one has ever heard and $pacely’s delivery makes us scream anytime we hear him on a track! What a distinct duo!!

There’s a reason RJZ calls himself the fuccin legend and this…this is why!! We know he’s a wild singer but… he’s one hell of a rapper too!!! He definitely doesn’t have a bad song on his SoundCloud!

If we have to talk about Darkovibes‘ style and talent, then you really haven’t been paying attention to the Ghanaian music industry! He was the first from the La Meme collective to wow Ghanaian with his personal style and to be very honest, we are still crazy over his music!

You would definitely fall in love with two or more once you’re done exploring their music!

Have fun and… you are welcome!!

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