Medikal, A Versatile King Giving Us Viral Phrases And Doing The Most With His Name!


Our president.

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Medikal has been in the music industry for so long… hardcore fans will remember him. He’s been doing his thing, serving us with heat and some of us are completely in love with his style!

We know some of you have a thousand opinions about his music but… one thing we can all agree on is that the man is good with his catchphrases and has a way of introducing himself that makes him memorable!

He’s never really stuck to one, he’s versatile with it and there are a couple that has replaced the National anthem for some time in the country lol!

“By heart boy”

“Forget everybody”

“Sleep dem sleep”

“Ah Wada?”



“Abor senn???”

“Yese nkola no ay3 d3n?”

“Omo Ada!”

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“You dey feel am?”

“Sweg! (Poof! Poof!)”

And his name… he never has to announce it! He’s either telling us to say it for him (Bor me din ma me), not say it for him (3mbor me din mma me) or instructing everyone to say it cos we know it already (Edin no mo nim mo mbor)

Confusing instructions huh?

 But hey, whenever he’s ready, we are ready to get in formation!

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