Did You Know Honey Is Basically Bee’s Vomit?!! These Facts About Some Foods Has Got Us Deep In Thought!

Everyone loves food and we don’t know about you but these facts got us thinking all day!!

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Honey is the only edible food that never goes bad.


Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries which is weird cos…anything related to strawberry flavours are sweet roff right?!!!

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Cucumbers are 96% water

Fresh eggs sink in water and rotten eggs will float

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Apples belong to the rose family. Yes, the flower rose!

There’s no such thing as a store-bought 100% “real” orange juice cos it is definitely 100% artificially flavoured unless it’s freshly squeezed orange juice that may expire in a day or two. All those orange juices are fake!

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Aztecs, a group that was found in Mexico in the 1300s-1500s practically used to pay tax with chocolate (cocoa) !!! That would have been fun right?!

The tea bag was created by accident in America. It was initially meant as a way of sending samples of tea to customers.

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The red food-colouring which is used in candy and is usually labelled as strawberry or raspberry or whatever is called carmine and is made from boiled beetles called cochineal bugs.

Ketchup was thought to be medicinal and was used in the 1800s to treat diarrhoea, among other things.

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Honey is literally made from nectar and vomit from bees lol

white chocolate doesn’t actually contain any real chocolate components so… it’s not really chocolate. This is just hurtful news!!

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See why we have been deep in thought all day???

Trust nothing…even food lol!

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