What If Your Partner Wants An Open Relationship? Read This To Know What Exactly To Do In Your Confused State!

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Nowadays people are approaching everything with an open mind, even relationships.

If you’re currently in a relationship that’s committed and monogamous, you may have many questions and be wondering how to proceed if your partner all of a sudden decides that they want to have an open relationship.

Liikkee… where the hell did you get that idea from?

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In its general meaning, an open relationship is one that you and your partner are free to engage in sexual and/or romantic endeavours with other people. Both of you are able to look outside of your relationship and have physical as well as emotional connections with others.

Before you decide to say yes or no to this proposal, you need to understand the mechanics of an open relationship and answer the following questions,

Why does your partner want an open relationship?

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Is it that their needs aren’t being met? Is it that they’ve failed at monogamy over and over again and they don’t want to sneak around anymore? When you fully understand the why, it sort of makes things clearer and will help you make an informed decision.

Do you want to be in an open relationship?

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If the answer is “yes,” then an open relationship may be something worth trying, especially since you and your partner can both be with other people while being totally open and honest with one another. If not, please pack your bags and leave the relationship. You cannot come and kill yourself.

Can you handle being in a one-sided open relationship?

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This question is for those who do not want to engage themselves in the open relationship but still want to be with their partner. Can you handle him/her sleeping with other people? Can you handle him/her having emotional attachments to others? You need to be brutally honest to yourself.

If it’s going to be a deal-breaker for you, please leave the relationship. You can’t be enduring all these emotional breakdowns because you know for a fact that your partner has fun around whiles you wait for them to give you attention.

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