Patapaa Is The King Of Viral! Check Out The Other Huge Twitter Handles Like Athletico Madrid, Who Have “Sco Pa Tu Manaa-ed”

With the whole noise surrounding Sco Patu Mana currently, let’s just let you understand deeply what it means when we say it’s gone viral!

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The phrase, which was first heard in Patapaa’s verse on Kawoula’s “Daavi Ne Ba”, has since gone viral especially after the social media challenge where everyone tried to write down the lyrics to his gibberish verse.

Y’all remember when Patapaa also went viral with One Corner… right?

Well, when we say the phrase has gone viral, we mean everyone in all parts of the world is currently tweeting about the phrase “Sco Patu Mana” without even knowing what it means!

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Jut take a look at the really huge handles that have actually joined the sco pa tu mana craze!

US Embassy Ghana

Dominos Pizza

Athletico Madrid 

The American rapper, Wale

We told you it’s gone international!! We don’t know if it’s about to get tweeted by even more bigger accounts but someone needs to get Patapaa to make some money off this phrase while it’s hot, ASAP!!!

coughs*** trademark… coughs***

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