Let’s Help Your Mute Button! These Are All The Variations Of “Sco Patu Mana” We Have Seen On The Internet! It’s Crazy Lol

Ever since Sco Pa Tu Mana went viral, we haven’t stopped seeing it EVERYWHERE!!

That is what’s making us go crazy: Sco Patu Mana, What It Really Means, Other Meanings And Why We Will Scream If We See It Anywhere Again

Patapaa was featured on a song, poured a bit of his viral magic on it and now, the whole world is busy tweeting “Sco Patu Manaa” all over our social media!!

There’s even a mini-battle over who first started it!

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The phrase is clearly going to be a headache for some time and we are just here to help you know which phrase you should mute and also, all the other variations the phrase has taken so far!

We are serious!

People have their own way of spelling this phrase and we didn’t even have to make up any!

Sco Pa Tu Ma Naa 

Sco Patu Mana

Sco pa to manner (according to the lyrics to Daavi ne Ba on musixmatch)

Skip At Your Mama

Image result for what? gif

Sco Pato manaa

Sco patu manaa

Skopatu Mana


Sco pa tu mama

Image result for are you insulting me? gif

Skopa tuna

Skopa Thuma Mna

Sko Pa Tu Manaa

Skopo sa jewa manaa

Image result for hands in face gif

Skopa tumana

Sco pahtu Mana

Xo Patu Manah

Image result for roll eyes gif

We are exhausted after typing all these but we are pretty sure that all these other variations are merely due to the fact that it has seeped into other countries and of course, they aren’t sure how to really work it out.

Plus it’s a noun, right?

Wait..maybe it isn’t.

Image result for going crazy gif

Patapaa really needs to come and explain everything to us before we go crazy!!!

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