5 Real Things Couples Do When They’re Past The Honeymoon Stage!!


It happens in every relationship; that honeymoon phase will not last forever and it’s fine.

All of a sudden, you notice that you and your partner have already started doing things you definitely wouldn’t have done when you first starting dating.

Loving another person’s grossness and quirks take some easing into. Here are certain things that are inevitable to happen once you get super comfortable with each other.

You guys are too tired to leave the house

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This works for both those already living together and those who go visit each other. Netflix and chill is an everyday mood and it takes a lot of will power to go out. You’ll gladly stay at home in your underwear and be together and that’s a vibe.

No sharing of food

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In the beginning, you liked to eat from each other’s plates and it was so adorable but now nope! Your food is yours and theirs is theirs. “If you wanted what I got, you should have ordered it”.

Texts aren’t that romantic anymore

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Instead of sending texts like “I miss you already” with a thousand hearts and love-eyed emojis, you send texts like “Please don’t leave the toilet seat up”.

You don’t really dress up when you’re meeting them

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Shorts, a top and slippers and that’s it. After all, they’ve been seeing you almost every time and it’s not like y’all are going out out… you’re just going to be in the room… chilling.

They fart!!!

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Lmaooo!! This is the one everyone low key dreads. How comfortable do you have to be to be able to release that smelly bomb from your system? Lol! After the honeymoon stage, you’re so comfortable with each other so much so that you can release those bombs without feeling any sort of way.

If you’re at this stage of your relationship, you should just remember to enjoy each moment as they come. A lot of people want what you have so don’t let it slip through your fingers.

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