So After The “Honeymoon Phase” Of Your Relationship, What Next? Find Out Here

See, there is no couple that is always happy with each other every single time!

Everyone knows that the beginning of the relationship is the nicest and the most enjoyable part. So many cute and romantic date nights, times where both of you talk throughout the night till dawn and oh yes… really good sex.

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After this “honeymoon” stage is over, the real relationship starts and for some reason, your partner starts getting on your nerves. Is it because y’all are now super comfortable with each other?

For some reason, you start to notice certain things like how he brushes his teeth, or how he talks super loudly on the phone, or how he takes too long in the shower, or how he just leaves his plate there for you to wash when he’s done eating or even how his head shape is… lmao! Funny but it’s true!

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For some reason, all the things that you used to say were cute about him has switched up and is annoying you and you cannot even understand yourself.

It’s almost as if you were having temporary insanity, because, well, you sort of were, but that’s just how it goes. The honeymoon phase usually lasts 6 to 12 months, but it differs from person to person.

After the honeymoon phase, you notice that not all is well in paradise. Your partner actually has shortcomings and it’s perfectly normal for you to be feeling some type of way.

What you really should understand is that, if your connection isn’t as strong as you thought or if there are real disagreements that were always brewing under the surface of all that honeymoon passion, your relationship will definitely not stand the test of time.

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It is during this phase that you either realize your partner isn’t someone you’re in love with for the long haul, or where you form a deeper connection with them and learn to see them as a dynamic, complicated person who may not be perfect but is someone you care deeply about.

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There’s always the chance that you may feel a little less infatuated, but you guys will get closer in a way you didn’t expect but then again, you may be surprised to find that your love has diminished and you no longer see your partner in the way you once did which clearly shows you that it was all infatuation and lust.

What should you do if the honeymoon phase is over?

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You need to accept your partner as they are and not the idealized version you perceived when you were high on dopamine. In some cases, you’ll realize that the person you’re with is really not who you want to be with and if they’ve exhibited your dealbreakers, that’s fine, you can let them go. In other cases, you may decide that your partner is worth the work, and it’s time to get down to business.

So if your honeymoon phase is over, break it off if you think your partner really isn’t the one but you need to really really think about it first!

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