UHAS: Fashion Tips For Graduation- What To Wear And How To Wear It


While graduating from the University is exciting and a relief in some way, it can also be a scary time deciding on what to wear especially when you’ve got numerous clothes in your wardrobe to choose from.

Graduation is that moment you really want to look good for the cameras as that would be the last day you would be getting with your friends from the university.

Simplicity they say is the best. Of course you need to dress to impress that day but don’t overdress as a guy or a lady, for example, wearing a three-piece jacket with the graduation gown on top of it is not advisable as a guy, wearing a tuxedo for graduation isn’t appropriate, bow ties are meant for dinners and balls and must not be worn on graduation day. etc.

Confused about what to wear?

Here are a few fashion tips for you




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For a true African look on your graduation day, you might want to look stunning in a well-woven and sewn kente dress which works like magic for an occasion like this. Do not over-accessorize it since the coloured patterns in kente already give it a nicer look even without the accessories. This goes with most heels and wedges and even with different colours of the bag and will look marvellously well with the gown



With a monochromic or polychromic strap or strapless jumpsuit and a matching peep-toe platform, wedges or even with heels, you will definitely stand out in all those graduation pictures. Opt for a bright white bag to match this colour. You may not wish to use too many accessories especially since you would be wearing a gown which is somewhat heavy




Black and white patterned dress would really match well with most heels and shoes as well as the graduating gown. Adding other accessories such as mauve or a blue bag can make it outstanding. You might want to check the height of the dress since this is a formal occasion and as such a lot of parents and dignitaries would be present. You don’t want to be tagged a spoilt girl, do you? Laugh out loud.




White Lace dresses are in vogue now and would really make a nice dress for your graduation. White seems to be a popular colour especially during occasions like this and would definitely make you look stunning in those grad pictures. A white dress with neutral accessories is the epitome of sophistication and is perfect for formal occasions like this. Heels and wedges are the most preferred for such an occasion and would make you have that stunning look in those grad pictures.




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A Red Midi dress with capped sleeves makes for an elegant silhouette while the scalloped lace neckline gives it a romantic detail. This can also be used for your after grad dinner with family and friends. Black heels or wedge are the best matches for such colour and could be complemented with a black or brown bag. Amulets and bracelets are not bad accessories to use for this dress and occasion.




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If you are a fan of separates, consider pairing an off-shoulder graphic sleeved dress with black trousers. This pair with beige heeled sandals for an effortless grad outfit that looks great with or without your cap and gown. Could be used with either a heel or a wedge as well as with a black or brown bag. Bracelets and amulets wouldn’t be bad to match this outfit though.




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This type of dress goes for almost all occasions and graduation wouldn’t be an exception. It makes you look extra classy like the contemporary career woman and you might want to give it a try during this graduation. This black executive dress could go with a black bag with no accessories aside your watch to have that executive look









Most gentlemen during graduation tend to for a smart approach, however, they lean more towards the formal end of the spectrum as it is a formal event. In this contemporary Ghana where we are advised to wear made in Ghana goods, attending your graduation in your neatly pressed African print dress is becoming trendy. But most gents would pick a suit over African wear since the former will always serve you well or maybe we are still stuck on our colonial master’s way of dressing, lol. Here are a few fashion trends for men


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The fit is entirely dependent on your choice and size but by keeping to a slim fit, it will emulate a young style and can take you straight from the stage to the dinner grounds. Wearing a shirt is the way to go, and going for a classic white shirt means you can’t go wrong. Perfect with navy or black trousers, it adds both colour and texture to your look, making it more of an eye-catcher.


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Just like the suit, the turtle neck also goes well with graduation especially when you don’t want the hustle of wearing the jackets because of the gown. Colours such as black, brown, blue-black, navy blue, coffee colour are preferred.




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This is also trending in recent times and it is becoming the order of the day since most people are now buying into this idea. With a nice fabric, you would look dapper in your neatly pressed African wear with black or blue-black trousers to match.




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If you’re going for a full-on formal look, then your shoes should match. Loafers are a great option. They can be dressed up for such occasions as graduations. Although you can’t go wrong with a brogue, the go-to shoes for formal events. They’re a great equivalent if it’s rainy or chilly as they’ll keep your look smart and your feet toasty and dry. You also have endless options of fabric, from leather to patent to suede, colours and styles. It’s best to opt for neutral shades such as black, navy and tan in order to make the most out of them as they can be incorporated into any outfit with ease.




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Other accessories such as ties, pocket squares, suspenders, watches, sunglasses etc should be used appropriately in order to prevent making any fashion mistake.  The colour of the belt should and must always match the colour of the shoes.


We hope this article helps you get the best fashion advice for your graduation.


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