UG: Bawaleshie -East Legon Road at Okponglo Blocked Until Repairs Are Done To The Affected Road


It seems Okponglo has turned into a dangerous site. During the week, we woke up to a large hole in the middle of the road leading towards Bawaleshie -east Legon at okponglo.

Some say it happened due to the rains we’ve been experiencing lately. Others are also of the view that road wasn’t constructed properly.
But it appears to be a sinkhole which is a geographic anomaly that causes the surface layer of the earth to cave in.

Now the road is inaccessible as drivers have to use other roads to get to their destination. A section of the legon/okponglo road has been closed until further notice.

A communique was sent from the Ministry of Roads and Highways stating that the large hole was caused by a burst in a large pipe underneath the road, causing that portion of the road to cave in.

The communique also stated that engineers are on it and they must fix the pipe first to enable free flow of water to those in the vicinity before they can fix that portion of the road.
The said project will take about a week to complete. And until it’s done, drivers and pedestrians are advised to be careful when using that route.
We will keep you updated.




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