There’s Always That Crazy Bitter Ex Who Doesn’t Want You To Move On With Life. Here’s How To Deal With Them!!

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Some of us have been there. There’s always that ex that refuses to stay in the ‘ex’ position.

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It’s probably because of the way you ended things but they keep coming up, creating very unpleasant situations in your life that leave you constantly looking over your shoulder in case they decide to chase you down with a hunting knife. Take a deep breath, relax and read through some of the most effective ways to deal with a hostile ex.

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The first thing to do is to understand what they want. Ask them point black what they want from you. If you can do it, then do it. If not too, try and reach an agreement with them. If you can’t ask them point-blank, dig through your email or text, but somewhere in there, you’ll find a clue about what your ex really wants from you.

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You need to remember that, two wrongs don’t make a right so you shouldn’t fight fire for fire. Retaliating and giving your ex a taste of their own medicine means stooping down to their level and you don’t want to be there. You need to try to gain the moral high ground by either ignoring the provocation or by responding as politely as you can, that is if a response is indeed needed.

You do not need to run into them so try and stay away from the place they love to hang out at even if it’s your favourite place too. You don’t need a whole confrontation in front of everybody where all your private business will be spewed.

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With all the shit you’re going through, there will be threats and videos and things you can document so that when the law comes in, you have more than enough evidence about what you’ve gone through. You need to be smart.

We get it that dealing with a psycho ex is not easy because all they want to do is to torment you, emotionally or physically but you should try and stay above it and involve the appropriate authorities when you should.

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