Styling Short Braids Can Be Really Hard But We Gotchu! Here Are 5 Simple Styles You Can Work With!


Sometimes being creative with short hair becomes really hard and so we’ve gathered 5 hairstyles you can achieve with your short box braids. You’re welcome.

Side Part

Part the side of the braids and pin it behind since they’re too short to tie together.


Front roll up

Do a left side part and take a handful of front braids and roll it up to the right and pin the ends to the back.

Half-up look

Gather the front hair and tie it up leaving the rest

High Top Bun

Gather the front hair and tie it up and put it into a bun.

Use a band

Just place a band around the hair aaanndd issa lewk!

Check out this video by Mona B. a Youtuber as she shows in detail how to style your short braids.

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