Read This To Find Out When It’s Finally Okay To Have Sex With The Guy You’re Dating!!


At the beginning of every relationship, there are so many questions we need answers to and we sometimes resort to seeking advice from other people. If you ask 10 people for their opinions on one thing, odds are they’ll give you 10 different answers. The end point is that you decide what works for you and you stick to it.

Now considering sex on the first date, it’s really quite a slippery slope for ladies because of the way society has projected sex. From society’s point of view, if a lady has sex with a guy on the first date it sorts of depreciates your value and the word “hoe” even comes to play.

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For most ladies, there’s also that lingering fear of “Will he still want me after we’ve had sex?”, “Will he call me back?” “Will he still text?” Will instant messages with him remain the same or will you start double texting, only to be met with a 5 hour delayed response of, “Oh sorry, I’ve only just seen this”?

The Gag is, there are sometimes clear signs if a man wants to be involved with you for just sexual pleasure through the way he speaks to you and EXACTLY by what he does.

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What do you guys talk about? Is he always asking sexual questions? Does he ask for nudes? Does he keep sending you nudes you don’t even ask for? Does he pop up every 3 months to ask if you’re still with your boyfriend?

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Well if he does all these things, you already know he really just wants to have sex with you. There might be the chance that he actually likes you but the gag is, right now, he wants to hit.

There are also confusing ones who don’t tell you or show you anything upfront. You’ll be taken out on dates, spoilt and develop a great foundation of friendship, yet the only aim he has is to try and have sex with you. With such people, you just have to pray and hope that all goes on well.

Generally yeah, it’s best to understand that anything can happen after the sex. He can decide to fall back or fall in and you should know that none of it is your fault. He just doesn’t have good taste.

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You should know that having sex with the guy doesn’t mean he likes you and you’re living happily ever after.

In the end, whatever choice you make, just remember to make the decision for yourself. Not because you want to trap the guy. Not because your friends are pressuring you but because you want to f#@k the shit out of him. It’s really as simple as that. You do not owe anyone any explanation at all.

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