Nigerians Just Changed The Wig Cap Game And We Are Definitely Hopping On Board!


Nigerians are doing tiiinnnzz and the lazy lots, like us, are going to have a field day with this invention! Lmao

Ifu Ennada has revealed her latest project and we know wig and fashion lovers are ecstatic. She has proved that she’s living in 2067 whiles we are still here in 2019.

It’s now easy to look fabulous and chic at a go. How do we explain this right now? She has fixed a hat on a wig cap making it easy to look very very chic and it’s quite affordable.


For 10,000 Naira (GHS 148.96) you can preorder some. After that the price increases to 15,000 Naira (GHS 223.45). Considering how much both wig caps and hats cost, the prices are quite okay and there are a number of different wigs you can explore.


You can pre-order via their website .


Y’all copping these or not?

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