#KnowNo: Lydia Forson Offers To Help A Rape Victim Get Through Her Ordeal

Lydia Forson

Award-winning actress, Lydia Forson is one of the few celebrities who are actually real on the timeline.

She unapologetically speaks her mind and we also know that she’s the friend who will always show up when you need her – no matter what.

In a completely unexpected move this morning, Lydia Forson offered to help a rape victim get through her ordeal.

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Lydia Forson, in the past, has shared her own sexual abuse encounter she had with a movie producer in an interview with BBC Africa.

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On Twitter today, one user, Borbi Tenesi Griffiths tweeted asking for a pro-bono therapist or counsellor who would help his female friend who was allegedly raped two months ago in school by a fellow student.

According to Borbi, his friend is living the shame of being a rape victim.

This story touched Lydia Forson who offered to help.

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“You’re a good friend,” Lydia Forson replied Borbi’s tweet adding that “I’m not a therapist but I’ll be willing to talk to her if she needs a friend.”

We love you, Lydia.

We hope you’re able to help the girl.

Rape Culture does exist in Ghana – you can help fight it.

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