GIJ: Here Are The Types Of Graduates You Will Meet During Graduation Day


Even though the graduation date is not officially out, we want to give y’all some heads up to what you should be expecting during the Graduation Day.

There are different kinds of people you will meet during the graduation day.

You will be meeting people for the first time and a whole lot.


Image result for graduation gif 1080

1. Those who come with their entire Family.

Image result for graduates and family gif

2. Those who came to graduate alone …..

Image result for walking alone graduate gif


3. The Fashionistas…

Image result for alone graduate gif

4. The person that will shock everyone when he/she graduates.

Image result for shocked audience gif

5. The Gangster gown wearers 

high school graduation GIF

6. The Photobombers


7.  The Squad 

8. The One who eats every food around.

Image result for squad buffet gif

There you go let us know the other kinds of people you will be meeting.

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