Check Out These 3 Beauty Risks You Should Definitely Take Before… Well, You Die!


Life as we know it is very short.

Once you’re dead, you’re dead and there’s nothing that can be done about it. The saddest part is that you don’t even know when you’re going to die so, not to sound cliche but you have to live your best life now.

Take small risks… after all, frankly, you don’t owe anyone any explanations and oh! You might even be setting a whole new trend… who knows?! Lol. Here are some beauty risks you should take at least once in your life.

Dye or cut your hair

We get it, we get it. Some of you identify with your hair so you might not be too comfortable with cutting it but that’s why there’s the other option of dye. Currently, we are blessed with temporal hair dyes that can be washed out easily so there really isn’t any excuse except you’re thinking about its effect on your hair. To take care of that one, you need to read the ingredients used for the dye and take good care of your hair once you’ve used it. Make sure your hair is always moisturized too.

Wear black lipstick

Image result for black people with black lipstick

Yes, wear it out. Don’t wear it at home and take pictures and post on social media. Oh yes! We really came for you today, don’t scroll past! Lmao!

Make a beauty investment

Image result for black people with faux locs

Whether it’s that expensive faux locs or human hair or makeup line or even a skincare line, make that investment. Think about what will happen in the long run. You can keep the faux locs for over 3 months if you want. That human hair you’re going to get will really last so far as you take good care of it. Your skin will thank you in the next 10 years for that skincare line you’re investing in.

Take that leap of faith guys! It will definitely pay off.

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