Ashesi: Meet Kolah Tubar, The Young Man With The “Wrong” Gender

Kolah Tubare

In 2017, Kolah Tubar gained admission into Ashesi University through an Ashesi grant.

In the media, he is known as the young man with no gender, but to Kuulpeeps Ashesi, he is a proud Ashesian.

Kolah Tubar is currently an aspiring junior, offering Engineering.

Kolah Tubar

Kuulpeeps met with him to have a chit chat on how he has been able to cope with life at this side of town.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: How have you settled into the Ashesi culture

Kolah Tubare: Smiles* I’m not yet well into it. There’re still some things I am not familiar with. Things like food.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: Since you came to Ashesi, how has your life changed

Kolah Tubare: Life has changed in a few ways. My perceptions of many things have changed. I’ve gained a little bit of broad knowledge concerning the things that matter now.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: Are your friends and family back home treating you differently since you gained admission here?

Kolah Tubare: As usual in Africa, I got many people around me. Lot of them I didn’t know before. And unfortunately, some think that I have become so rich.

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Overall, I’m regarded a bit more than before.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: What has been an eye-opener since you came to Ashesi?

Kolah Tubare: The fact that everything is possible just that they start small and grow bigger to whatever size. As always said by Dr Patrick, I strongly believe that. Much important is the food.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: Looks like you are an introvert, have you been able to make friends here?

Kolah Tubare: Yes, I do.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: Do you feel pressured to excel in school because you’re on Ashesi scholarship

Kolah Tubare: (Talks with a serious face) I am not pressured at all. I just make sure that I give it my best shot. I realized that things done that way will be more efficient than harbouring in unnecessary pressure

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: How has being in Ashesi changed your personality?

Kolah Tubare: I thought I was a bit less introvert than I am. Interacting with people has revealed to me the introvert part of myself. I’m working on it and there is an improvement over time.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi:  Have you struggled to make friends with an affluent background?

Kolah Tubare: Smiles* Frankly, I have few friends from affluent family background and for most of these relationships, I don’t make the effort to start it.

Kuulpeeps Ashesi: Thank you for having us. Enjoy the rest of your Ashesi journey.

Kolah Tubare: Thank you. I feel honoured to be on your platform. Enjoy your day as well.

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