We’re Bringing Modern Tech To You!! Check Out Some Of The World’s Coolest Sculptures You Didn’t Think Existed!!

The world is a super cool place now and with Modern Technology in the picture, there are amazing sculptures you’ve never even thought existed! Take a look at some of them.

1. Diamonds (Globe Sculpture)- Australia

Neil Dawson, a native from New Zealand creates sculptures you cannot pass by without trying to figure out how they levitate. The effect is created with the help of barely noticeable wires.

Image result for Diamonds- Australia sculpture

2. Monument to the violinist – Netherlands

The city hall and the musical theatre are located in Amsterdam “Stopera”. The marble floor was broken to install the violinist’s sculpture.

Image result for Monument to the violinist, Netherlands

3. Porsches at the Festival of Speed – UK

Gerry Judah creates his incredible sculptures of cars that seem to rush into endless space.

Image result for Porsches at the Festival of Speed, UK

4. Diminish and Ascend – Australia

Each successive step is smaller than the previous one and so when you look at it, it seems infinite. It was created by David McCracken and is installed in Sydney.
Image result for Diminish and Ascend - Australia
5. The Inevitability of Time
Image result for The Inevitability of Time
You can see them only on the Internet or in prints. The Greek artist and sculptor Adam Martinakis creates digital sculptures in the genre of futuristic virtual art.
6. Runner – Greece
Image result for runner greece
This colossal figure was created with an insane number of dark green glass pieces by sculptor Costas Varotsos. It is found in Athens.
7. Involution
Image result for involution chad knight
Chad Knight placed his virtual sculptures on a background close to reality. He makes it so amazing that fantastic images seem to come alive.
8. The Bather – Germany
Image result for The Bather - Germany
 “The Bather” is a German giant, styrofoam-and-steel sculpture showing a woman’s head and knees if she were soaking in a bathtub created by Oliver Voss.
9. Ali and Nino – Georgia
 The dynamic sculpture by Tamara Kvesitadze was inspired by the love story of two characters. They are in eternal motion: first toward each other, merging into a single whole, and then separated in the inevitable breakup.
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10. Underwater sculptures – Mexico
Entire underwater parks in different parts of the world are the achievement of sculptor Jason Taylor.
Image result for Underwater sculptures - Mexico
Which of these places are you visiting first?

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