“Sco Patu Mana”…What It Really Means, Other Meanings And Why We Will Scream If We See It Anywhere Again!

From GH Twitter to everyone else…

Sco Patu Mana? SCO PATU MANA!!!


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We’ve seen this phrase everywhere so much so that we ARE TIRED!!! So many of us have muted the words cos we really cannot deal with seeing it all over our TLs again.

The funny thing is, the word has now gone beyond the borders of Ghana! It’s gone viral in Nigeria, South Africa and even all the way to abrokyire Twitter! Everyone’s talking about the word including American celebrities and no one knows what it means but…Twitter has found its own meaning to Sco Patu Mana.

“What experience does this remind you of”

People post a picture and caption it Sco Patu Mana and everyone just responds with their experiences or their opinions about that object.

Remember when ‘O je wa keng’ went viral? Yeah, Sco Patu Mana has taken over.


We’ve seen people asking what it means all the time and some responses are just WRONG!

We know for a fact, the real meaning of Sco Patu Mana: It has no meaning.

It has zero meaning y’all, sorry to burst your curiosity bubble but it means NOTHING!

It’s just a bunch of words that Patapaa, Ghana’s king of viral songs put together in a song he was featured in “Daavi ne ba”.

Patapaa just rattled off some gibberish and why that particular line hit, we have zero idea!!!

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We do know that the phrase, in Gujarati, a language spoken in India means “Believe it or not”

Some people claim when it’s written as Sco Patu Ma Naa, it means “You’re gonna get a lot of money”, also means “I’m sorry” and still means ” I’ll hit you”. It also means “Where is that” in Malay, a language spoken somewhere in Indonesia.

Did Patapaa know this before he freestyled those lyrics? We don’t know but we know for a fact that Patapaa has some viral magic in him

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But please guys, please…can we stop using it? Please?

And can people from other countries please stop lying about the meaning?

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