If You Had Different Plans For Friday, Let’s Tell You Why You Should Rather Be At Kokrobite


We all know it’s some few days to the biggest beach festival in Ghana but the question is are you ready for some maaaad fun?

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On Friday 26th July, EchoHouse will officially kick off Tidal Rave Festival 2019 with a fire night at the Luxury Beach Resort, Kokrobite and it’s called the Fire Friday!

The night will be filled with everything fire! From bonfire, to fireworks, to fire food & drinks to extra fire fire performance!

This is a night you wouldn’t want to miss.

There will be performances from a whole lot of artistes including R2Bees, Kelvynboy, Lord Paper, Donzy.


Just in case you’re thinking of how to get there, there will be Tidal Rave Shuttles at the Accra Mall from 2 pm to pick you up to the venue, but it’s never too late to join us at the Luxury Beach Resort if you can’t join the bus.

To be a part of this wonderful experience, just click here to sign up for free or pay a token of 5ghs or more to support charity at Kokrobite.


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