Dela Anyah Is Set To Exhibit A Pressing Millennial Issue Dubbed: Minutes Before A Heartbreak

It is very important to make an impact with your art and this is what artist Dela Anyah is set to do this weekend.

Dela Anyah is an Artist who is known for his unique way of using old and discarded materials as a voice to make a pressing statement about a particular social issue.

His upcoming exhibition and fundraiser for the Christ The King Soup Kitchen is no different from what the artist projects.

The exhibition, Beauty From Chaos: Minutes Before A Heartbreak, will be held on 27th July, 2019 11 am to 4 pm at the Antique Lemonade Art Space(6 Adomi Street, Airport Residential- Behind Cuppa Cappuccino).

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Minutes before a heartbreak, is a story about red flags. This body of work explores the inner thoughts of a person leading up to a heartbreak; through the use of poetry and playful illustrations.

It is treated as an album with each painting in the collection depicted as an individual track; a red flag that shows the viewers a path that’s minutes before a heartbreak.

dela anyah

Track 1: Waiting for you / Young
Track 2: Obsessed
Track 3: Somebody’s Girl
Track 4: Betrayed
Track 5: My heart’s on fire
Track 6: The Break up
Track 7: You warned me
Track 8: Just want to let you know
Track 9: In love and losing it
Track 10: Church Girls

For these art-pieces, the artist uses discarded cardboard, woods for the frame and  papers as the basis of the art-pieces

dela anyah

Speaking to the artist Dela Anyah, he told about the experience he went through while working on the art pieces.

dela anyah

“Chale, rush of ideas, emotions racing between all the heartbreaks from past to present. Conversations with friends on their experiences makes this work feel like an emotional retrospective, but then it’s something others can relate to and that can spark conversations which would help people avoid certain heartbreaks.”

Dela Anyah also spoke about the impact of the exhibition.

“To help others see the red flags’ clearer. When it comes to love, many times we think more with our emotions than our brains. I hope this exhibition will provide healing, wisdom and more positive conversations that will help others from making mistakes.”

dela anyah

However, the main aim of this exhibition is to raise fund for the Christ the King Soup Kitchen.

Christ the King Soup Kitchen, founded in January 2016, was initiated by the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell in response to the Holy Father, Pope Francis’ declaration of 2016 as Jubilee Year of Mercy.

His ingenuity was supported by the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC). Christ the King Soup Kitchen since its inception, has become a resource for the homeless and poor, the Projects provides free breakfast meals, clothes, toiletries and creates a sense of belonging for the beneficiaries in the community.

This exhibition is definitely for a good cause and will go a long way to help the needy.

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