WIUC: It Is Going Down! Management Is Reviewing Tuition Fees For International Students


The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) is pleased to inform all International students that, beginning next Academic year (August 2019), tuition fees for all Courses/Programme have been reviewed downwards by 10% per annum.

This translates into 5% downwards review per semester.

In addition, all foreign students are to enjoy free residence permit and National Identification registration from the school at a fee of US$300 dollars.

We hereby want to express our profound gratitude to Management for marginally reviewing international fees, even as the Council is still pushing for an extension of registration period from two to four weeks after reopening.

Meanwhile, the SRC wishes to inform the entire student body that, the Council has also Petitioned Management for their kind consideration on some genuine issues affecting the well-being of students of this noble University.

Once again, we would like to state firmly that, the Kwame Raj led administration remains ardent on “Making University Education Easier Through the SRC”

God Bless Us All and Make Our University Great and Strong.

The council, however, wishes to state that, all students who do not complete the payment of tuition fees before the end of semester examinations would not be permitted to sit for the examination.

You can reach the office the SRC via mail: [email protected] or via phone: +233(0)302940319



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