See Er, If You Wear These Things To Tidal Rave, We Will Sack You! Lol… Just Joking But Chale Don’t Wear These Things There Please!!

It’s almost time for the biggest Rave in Ghana and well, of course, we. cannot. keep. calm!!!

Yesterday, we gave you inspiration for different outfits you can explore.

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Now, we know paa that some of you will come there wearing a lot of nonsense. Oh yes! We’ve said it!

There are certain things we don’t advice you to wear to the beach depending on the day and time. For example, in the afternoon, it does not make sense to wear sweaters or pullovers. Why? For what? Sigh. Here are some looks we don’t expect from you this year.

Well obviously… sweater

Image result for sweater

As we said earlier, this is just a no no, especially for Saturday. The Rave starts in the afternoon till late and there will be a lot of people there. You’ll be so hot er! You’ll probably have to remove it eventually cuuuuzzz

Non-matte makeup

Image result for oily makeup on black girl

However, you’re going to make it work do it cuz your makeup doesn’t have to be oily! You need to make sure you prime your face well and mattify your makeup. If you can apply waterproof makeup too go ahead cuz we can guarantee that you’ll sweat!


Image result for heels

See, if we see you we’ll sack you! Lol… well not exactly but we definitely would stare and be wondering where you thought you were headed towards. Even the Sunday saf you shouldn’t wear heels. Get some nice sneakers, sandals or slippers and you’ll be fine.

Anything formal

Image result for suit

Brothers and sisters in the Lord, why? Why?! It’s a party for crying out loud! What is it with the suits???


Image result for black girls in gowns

Ah! See… we won’t even talk about this point ok.

We won’t talk plenty oo. If we see any of you wearing these things, we will do an article for you right here. Don’t say we didn’t warn

Y’all better come and slay with the beach vibes…..

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