All You Need To Know About Courses Studied At The Regent University

Regent University has three main schools comprising several departments that offer courses in several undergraduate academic disciplines.

  1. Faulty of Engineering, Computing and Allied Sciences
  2. Department of Informatics

BSc. Computer Science

BSc. Information System Sciences

BSc. Instructional Technology


  1. Department of Engineering

B.Eng Applied Electronics and Systems Engineering with options in -Telecommunication Engineering

Instrumentation Engineering

Computer engineering


  1. School of Business and Leadership 
  2.   Department of Accounting and Finance

BSc. Accounting And Information Systems

BSc. Banking and Finance

BSc. Economics with Computing

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) e-Commerce option


  1.   Department of Management Studies

BSc. Management with Computing


  1. Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  2. Department of Theology and Ministry

Certificate in Church Ministry and Leadership

Bachelor of Theology with Management

Master of Divinity

Master of Theology


  1. Department of Psychology and Human Development
  2. BSc. Human Development and Psychology
  3. MSc. Human Development and Psychology
  4. Centre for Studies in African Development


The Regent Institute of Languages and General Studies

  1.    Centre for Language Studies





  1. School of Medical And Allied Sciences


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