Get Into The Tidal Rave Mood ASAP! Pick Up Early Bird Tickets At These Centres To Avoid The Stress Of Long Queues At The Gate!

Cancel your plans!

Yes, cancel your plans if you know you have something doing from the 26th to 28th of July because we are all heading to Kokrobite to jam for Tidal Rave for 3 WHOLE DAYS!!!

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Now one thing that is so stressful is having to get to the venue and stand in a long queue, waiting to get your ticket just so you can go jam.

This year’s Tidal Rave is avoiding all that!!

You get the chance to get early bird tickets so you can just walk past people in a queue and just walk in to jam!

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You have the option of buying your Day 2 ticket via the Ecobank app for 20 cedis off or, you can just get the ticket for all 3 days online at


If you bought a ticket using the Ecobank app, just walk into the Ecobank branch at the Accra Mall and if you bought your ticket online at, head to the Photo Store at Accra Mall to pick up your Tidal Rave wristband which gives you straight access to the venue!

Kow what that means?

Just walk in when you get to the venue on all three days of Tidal Rave and jam!

No long queues, nothing!!!

Who’s ready to jam??

Image result for rave gif

Ticket redemption begins on the 22nd of July.

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