We Are Still Stunned But Let’s Take A Look At All The Ghanaian Influences On Beyonce’s Lion King Album So Far

It’s a new day and …. we still shock!

Beyonce did what she does best…

She made the world stop!

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Because anything Beyonce does is huuuge news!!

She may have made the world stop but to be very honest for Africa, there was an earth tremor because she announced she was dropping an album for the Lion King and there were a lot of African artistes all over the album!!

The Nigerian stars, Tiwa Savage and Mr Eazi are on the track, ‘Keys to the Kingdom’, with Mr Eazi appearing again with fellow Nigerians, Tekno and Yemi Alade on ‘Don’t Jealous Me.’  Burna Boy also has a solo track, ‘Ja Ara E’, Wizkid is on ‘Brown Skin Girl’ with Blue Ivy, Beyonce and St Jhn while Cameroonian artist Salatiel is on the track ‘Water’ with Beyoncé and Pharrell.

South Africa’s Busiswa and Moonchild Sanelly are on ‘My Power’ with Nigeria’s Yemi Alade!

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But…in Ghana particularly, the country SHUT DOWN!! The WHOLE country SHUT DOWN because Shatta Wale, our very own Shatta Wale was featured on the album too! His name was right there next to Beyonce’s on the track ‘Already’.

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Not like we underestimate ourselves but we never in our lives imagined that an act from Ghana will be on a BEYONCE album!! We’ve seen our fellow Nigerians do it real big with the likes of Rick Ross and Drake and yes, Ghanaian artistes have been making moves too but…BEYONCE!!

The most controversial artiste, Shatta Wale on that album is a HUGE deal! Do you know what that means? It means Beyonce heard his verse and said “Who’s that? I want him! He’s good”

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That’s not all, we found out that Guilty Beatz, yes, our Akwaaba specialist, Guilty Beatz produced not just one and not two but three whole tracks on the Beyonce album!!!!

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He produced ‘All Ready’ by Shatta Wale and Beyonce, ‘Keys to The Kingdom’ by Tiwa Savage and Mr Eazi and “Find Your Way Back (Circle of Life)” by Beyonce.

Producing a whole song that’s just Beyonce and no features!!!

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That’s not all.

The first song on the album, “Bigger” was also written by someone who’s got some Ghana in her: Raye!

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Raye is a British singer/songwriter born and raised in London to a mother of Ghanaian-Swiss descent and an English father.

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She’s in touch with her Ghanaian side and has been to Ghana a couple of times. She is the beautiful sweet voice you heard on King Promise’s ‘As Promised’ album.

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Now, yesterday, we found out how the Shatta-Beyonce collab came about, from Chris Koney. He mentioned talking to a Theresa and Kwasi of Parkwood Entertainment, an American management and entertainment company founded by Beyonce and of course we got curious about Kwasi.

Turns out Kwasi is Kwasi Fordjuor, the creative coordinator at Parkwood.

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He works directly with Beyonce and has worked on so many projects with her and well, it’s not shocking that he was involved in the cover art for the Lion King Album: The Gift!

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Know what makes all of this a big deal??? In an exclusive interview, Beyonce mentioned that “It was important that the music was not only performed by the most interesting and talented artists but also produced by the best African producers. Authenticity and heart were important to me.”

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That’s literally a stamp of approval from Beyonce on anyone who was involved on the album.

That’s an “Oh Beyonce worked with these Ghanaian geniuses so why don’t we also work with them too??”

This is a huge shoot up in these talented children of Asaase Yaa’s value!

Beyonce ooo!! Your favourite celeb’s favourite celeb!! Moulder of and creator of your favourite rapper and singer’s shoot to stardom!!

Have you heard your legends talk about their first time passing by Beyonce???? Seeing Beyonce wave at them or talking to Beyonce??!!!


Man, we are so proud of these guys being a part of this historic album. Yhup, historic cos it’s an album for the remake of the all-time legendary The Lion King movie which the whole world grew up watching and also because she did what Kendrick should have done with the Black Panther album: getting actual Africans to work on the project!

This is all so HUGE and it feels so good knowing for a fact that Beyonce Knowles knows there’s a country called Ghana with all this talent!!

Can the mindblowing concerts begin now? Hopefully, a Beyonce African tour where she actually comes to Ghana??

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