Meet Mennel, The J Cole Of KNUST


Being in KNUST at this time should be considered a lifetime achievement.

Finding yourself on the same campus with great young acts like Joojo AddisonTibuBroni Kwame Dabie at the same time is probably the rarest of events after the blue moon.

We had some time with our very own Nasty C some time ago; this time around we are bringing to you another hot rapper. Let us not bore you with all this. Relax, sip a drink and scroll down. Leggo….

Kuulpeeps: Tell us more about yourself

Mennel: Mennel is an upcoming Ghanaian rapper, born on the 24th February.1998 from Tema. Started my rap career back in SHS. Currently schooling at KNUST offering land Economy going to my final year.

Kuulpeeps: Why did you choose to do music out of everything?

Mennel: Because I’ve had a passion for it from way back, I like music a lot it helps me express myself in a different way. Music makes me happy

Kuulpeeps: What is your style of music

Mennel: Hip hop/rap

Kuulpeeps: I personally can feel your love for rap. But why do you choose to rap over other genres of music?

Mennel: Okay so I grew up in Tema where rap music was kind of like the wave on the streets with the likes of Sarkodie and the others so I guess I grew into it and started listening to other rap music and felt the vibe but I listen to other genres though lol

Kuulpeeps: How long have you been into music and how many records so far?

Mennel: 3years Just three records

Kuulpeeps: Is there any upcoming artiste you have featured?

Mennel: Yeah Kwame Dabie, Jace, Kidd fresh

Kuulpeeps: If you are given the opportunity to produce a song with any known artiste, who would you choose and why?

Mennel: Chale I want to produce a song with  a lot of artists I can’t choose, but let me pick  Kwesi Arthur  because he is versatile he fit do anything Chale and he will kill it

Kuulpeeps: What inspires your choice of music

Mennel: Everything around me, what I’m feeling at that moment the vibe around me.My mood At that particular time or moment.

Kuulpeeps: How do you promote your music?

Mennel: Through my social media, SoundCloud working on putting my music on iTunes and Spotify but it will be there soon. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat.

Kuulpeeps: Are your family in support of this?

Mennel: Not really, My dad doesn’t know I do this but my mum and sister do support me

Kuulpeeps:  Are there any challenges so far, especially with your academics?

Mennel: Yeahh there some slight challenges but we try our best to get the grades

Kuulpeeps: How is your social life; are you the fun type or the typical indoor guy

Mennel: I am the typical indoor type but I can be fun sometimes

Kuulpeeps: Let’s get a little personal, do you have a girlfriend?

Mennel: Nahh

Kuulpeeps: Really? So are you ready to mingle?

Mennel: Nah I don’t think a relationship is my thing now

Kuulpeeps: Are you planning on focusing on music after school?

Mennel: Yeah

Kuulpeps: Amazing having you on Kuulpeeps Mennel

Mennel: Thank you





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