From No Sleepovers To No Boyfriends, Check Out The Struggles Girls With Super Strict Parents Relate To!

Growing up with strict parents is tough. While you may be totally aware that your parents are just trying to do the best they can to make you into a responsible adult, sometimes their rules seem just a bit over the top.

If you have strict parents as well, keep scrolling for some struggles that you’ll definitely relate to.

1. Sleepover who?

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Your parents definitely do not understand why you should leave your perfectly good bed in your perfectly good house and go and sleep elsewhere.

2. First to leave a party

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As soon as it’s 8 pm your parents start calling you to make sure that you’ve left the party grounds and you’re on your way home. If you try to stay longer, you’ll either be locked out of your house or you would never go out in the night again.

3. Boyfriends are evil

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You cannot afford to let them know you have a boyfriend otherwise all hell will break loose. They’ll associate it with every problem you have. That’s why you don’t respect nowadays or even that’s why you aren’t doing well in school.

4. They stalk your Facebook, Insta and WhatsApp Status


You laugh in your friends’ faces when they tell you to just unfriend your parents so they won’t be able to see your profile. What they don’t know is you won’t be able to use Facebook at all if you did that… because your parents would promptly take your computer and phone away.

5. You can’t buy clothes for yourself

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Woe betides you if you decide to buy anything for yourself and you’re caught. Everything needs to be vetted and approved by your parents before you can wear them.

Do these remind you about yourself or someone else? Let us know.

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