Resist The Urge! Take Note Of These Top 11 Things You Should Never Ever Say To Anyone Who Wears Glasses! Ever!


It sucks when you have to move around wearing glasses all the time cos you want to see everyone and everything properly.

It sucks for so many reasons but the worst of them all is constantly hearing people say the same thing over and over again to you just because you wear glasses.

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These are the stuff people in glasses are tired of hearing and these are the possible reactions they have given or hope to give!

“Four Eyes!”

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We are tired of hearing this nickname!!!!  It’s not funny and no, we aren’t smiling politely because we find it slightly amusing. Trust us, we are figuring out how to smash your head in cos we hate being called that!!!

“Lemme wear your glasses and see.”

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Don’t. We hate it but y’all still go ahead and pluck it right off our faces! All you do is smudge the lens with your fingers or your wide faces just make the glasses…loose!! 


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Please, we don’t need this pressure! Just because we wear glasses doesn’t mean we know everything. We are suffering too, please.

“How many fingers am I holding up?”

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How about ‘how many fists do you see coming your way?’ Ugh, we aren’t completely blind! We can see your dumb finger switching quickly between 4,3,2 and 1 like a mad person.

“Herh you’re blind ohhh.”

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Oh sorry, we didn’t know that. The glasses are purely for disco sessions.

Picks up glasses, holds it far from their face and… “Eii everything is small small and far away ooo”

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Yeah smartass, maybe if you pushed it closer to your face, the tiny objects that are so far away will come closer.

“You look better without your glasses on.”

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We are trying to see, not walk a runway. Sorry, we need assistance to look at your bland face.

“Are they real? Do your glasses have medicine in them?”

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Nah we just like to wear the same glasses every single day for absolutely no reason. 

“Glasses make your eyesight worse. I stopped wearing mine and I can still see.”

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We really don’t care what you chose to do with your own glasses. Now stop squinting while you speak to us, dear, you look weird.

“Girls who wear glasses be freaky pass”

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Can we just be left to see? Please???

“You’re blind ooo”

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The next time you approach or talk to anyone in glasses, you know what to do right?


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