Was Rihanna’s Magazine Cover Cultural Appropriation?! We’ve Got The Tea!

On Monday, Harper’s Bazaar China unveiled its August cover, featuring Rihanna.

Now, even though the pictures were absolutely gorgeous (well… what were you expecting? It’s Rihanna! She does no wrong okay, a lot of people on the Internet have been speculating about the cover wardrobe and makeup and are accusing her of cultural appropriation.

When Kim Kardashian launched her shapewear line she called it “Kimono Shapewear” and after a few hours, #KimOhNo was trending on Twitter because people said it was cultural appropriation. She had to change the name of the Shapewear brand.

A number of people brought up Kendal Jenner’s case when she was on the cover of a magazine with an ‘afro’ and people were screaming cultural appropriation. They were relating the situation to Rihanna’s case because for her, people are saying the picture is artsy and glamorous which really does not make any sense.

Well, let’s give you the real tea.

Cultural appropriation is the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of elements from another’s culture; it’s an act defined by a lack of respect for other people’s customs, practices, and traditions so technically, Rihanna actually did no wrong.

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She is just paying homage to Chinese culture — in a Chinese magazine wearing outfits styled by Chinese editors. She gave credit to the Chinese team who worked with her. They gave Rihanna permission and so it’s not cultural “appropriation.”

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