These Con Men Have Gone Down In History As Some Of The Greatest Scammers Of All Time!


We aren’t calling anyone a fraudster or scammer or a con artist but…just because Nam 1 is back and you lot are accusing him of being all of these…we aren’t saying anything ooo until the law says so.

Let’s just take a look at some real scammers who pulled off what is now called legendary and potential scammers are learning from all the time!

Anyone need fast Investments?

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Makes sense that we start with Charles Ponzi. This scammer was so good at his work he’s got his method named after him, (Ponzi Scheme) and has got crooks all over copying his style and his scheme is being studied in schools worldwide!

The guy realized one day that he could buy some coupons called International Reply Coupons (IRC) for cheap prices in some countries and then exchange them for stamps of higher value which will be sold at a higher price of course. Easy money right? After convincing his friends to ‘invest’ and getting them major returns, word spread and he had to set up a company, getting people to ‘invest’.

It was so popular he started making millions a day as investments from people. He also convinced his investors to get even more investors to get a commission lmao what everyone didn’t know was, Charles Ponzi was merely paying the earlier investors with the money invested by new investors. Something’s missing huh? Lol it took over a year for his company to collapse with people losing over $20 million!

Fake Country For Sale!

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Gregory McGregor was a man from Scotland who invented a fake country called “Poyais.” Gregory went about telling people he had this whole country that was rich and ready but only needed people to inhabit the place. He did major hype around this country…interviews, adverts, everything! He even printed a 355-page guidebook which was sold in London and Edinburgh and had elaborate maps and details about this fake country. By 1822, over 500 people had bought Poyaisian land and by 1823 he shipped over 200 people to the so-called land to start their life lol you can imagine the shock when they went to meet bushes and realized they had been duped.

Want to buy the Eiffel Tower?

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You know the Eiffel Tower right? That famous tower in Paris… lol one man managed to sell it…TWICE to scrap dealers. Victor Lustig is considered one of the greatest crooks of all time for so many scams! This was just one lol. He forged government documents and reached out to major scrap dealers within the country to tell them that due to the renovations the Eiffel tower needed, it was being pulled down!! It was believable cos it was in the news that the Eiffel Tower had a few issues lol. He conned a dealer into giving him about $70,000 and because his victim was embarrassed, he never reported it so guess what? Victor resold the tower lmao!

Want to invest in an Airport?

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In 1995, a Nigerian, Emmanuel Nwude sold a fake airport to an international bank for $242 million and no one found out until 3 years later lol!!!!  Emmanuel was formerly the Director of Union Bank of Nigeria. He posed as the then Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Paul Ogwuma and defrauded a Brazilian man, Nelson Sakaguchi, who was at that time, the Director of the foreign bank, Brazil’s Banco Noroeste. It took a Spanish bank taking over the Banco Noroeste for them to investigate and find out that they had invested all that money into an airport that never existed.

Praise The Lord For Some Luxury Cars!

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This scam happened in church!!! Robert Gomez told his church members he was the heir to a $411 million estate and it was his father’s wish that he gives out 16 of his luxury cars as gifts to members of the church. All the beneficiary had to do was pay an amount of roughly $1,000  as a conveyance fee for each vehicle. The news spread quietly and quickly and by the time investigations were made, they found out that Gomez had taken about $21.1 million from these members.

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