EchoHouse To Kick Off Tidal Rave Festival 2019 For Three Days Of Partying At The Beach On July 26

Haven’t all of us been in a situation where we go have fun and we secretly hoped that the fun would never end?

Most people who have attended Tidal Rave have been so filled with excitement that they hoped the party went on for a little longer.

That is why Tidal Rave is moving from a day of pure entertainment to three days of a beach festival, unlike anything that has been seen or experienced in this dear country.

On Friday 26th July, EchoHouse will officially kick off Tidal Rave Festival 2019 with a fun night at the Luxury Beach Resort, Kokrobite.

It will be filled with sultry performances, food, bonfire and the night sky lit up with fireworks. This is in keeping with the Friday night vibe which has been themed Fire Friday.

Fire Friday will eventually give way to the Rave Day as the day breaks on the beautiful Saturday morning on the 27th July.

The Rave Day will see people who are yet to the attend the festival meet up at the various pickup points including the Accra Mall, where the longest convoy to the beach will set off.

Rave Day at the Tidal Rave House is all about amazing games, great music and stellar performances from only the best of the best musicians in the country.

Then it is back to the Luxury Beach Resort for Sand Day on Sunday (July 28) for an exclusive jam right there on the Beach!

This is a very special Sunday afternoon for a limited number of party people who will enjoy an afternoon jam with Accra’s celebrities! Beautiful cabanas, networking and strictly great vibes only.

Make no mistake, it is the Tidal Rave Festival 2019 – the party never stops.

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