#NSMQ2019Finals: St Augustine’s College Ends #LetsTalkAbout6 With A Huge Win To Lift Their Second NSMQ Title

We have new NSMQ Champions!

St Augustine’s College are the champions of the 2019 National Science and Maths Quiz!

Augusco beat Presec Legon and Persco to lift the 2019 National Scienec and Maths Quiz.

Yesterday, we predicted that St Augustine’s will win the competition, and yeah, it happened!

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Lol… Presec Legon wanted a sixth title but it didn’t happen… St Peter’s also wanted a fourth title and that also didn’t happen…St Augustine’s wanted a second title and they got it!

St Augustine’s has made it 2 wins out of 2 final appearances.


Augusco led the contest from start to finish. They beat stiff competition from Presec Legon to win the contest.

Augusco led in round one with 26 points, against Presec Legon’s 21 points and Persco’s 12 points.

Augustine’s continued with the brilliant performance in round two as they continued to lead with 28 points. Presec Legon ended that round with 20 points and St Peter’s with 11 points.

For the problem of the day, all the schools had a point each, making it 29 points for Augusco, 21 points for Presec Legon and 12 points for Persco after round three.

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Then in round four, Augusco brought their super sub, Newton to replace Eliason. Presec Legon also brought Nathaniel to replace Selasie… Round four was a Newton vs Nathaniel round as the two boys battled it out for points.

At the end of round four, Augusco continued to lead with 36 points against Presec Legon’s 34 and Persco’s 25 points

Then, in round five, Augusco was the only school to get a correct answer. So, in the end, Augusco won the contest with 39 points! Presec Legon had 34 points and Persco had 25 points.

Congratulations to St Augustine’s College!

You guys deserved it!

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