Nxwrth’s ‘Panty Dropping’ Single, Featuring Darkovibes, Spacely And Kiddblack Is The Perfect Song For This Weather For Two Szn

At this point, we are all very aware of the versatility of the La Meme Gang. Every single one of them has proven to be so full of talent, we can’t help but love them all!!

We’ve seen what they can do as a collective and individually, they’re just as awesome. Each person, obviously working hard and getting us acquainted with their personal style.

Nxwrth, the producer of the eclectic group gave us an EP last month that took us through a proper journey of his out of the world space jam style.

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On Sunday, he switched lanes giving us a mellow single that’s just right for the summer or in our case… the weather for two szn! The track is titled “Sundress” and features his gang members, Darkovibes, Spacely and Kiddblack who did amazing at adding to the soft yet throbbing sound that is Sundress.

The song is exactly as he calls it…”a no panties on under the sundress, sit on your man’s ade3 no in public.” It’s the perfect kind of song for the weather charle!

This track is the second single off NASA, his album that will be released in January 2020. It’s safe to conclude that NASA is going to be something else judging from the first single Cupid which is our personal fave and the new track, Sundress.

Nxwrth’s aim is to produce transcending sounds that will exist in the future and across cultural boundaries.

Listen to the song here:


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