Here Are 5 Times Twitter Taught Us More Than What High School And University Ever Did!!

Black Guy Using The Phone

Most of us live on social media and learn a lot from that side of town and Twitter is no exception.

Day in day out, a lot of things come up and we tend to learn a lot about life which would have probably made our lives much easier if we had known about it then.

1. Home Economics

Instead of being in the kitchen waiting for water to boil or leaving the kitchen and forgetting that you put something on the gas, well… facetime it.

2. English Language

Ever asked yourself why the mall is called “the mall”?

3. In case of an Emergency…

4. Eeeerrr… Physics?

5. Etymology – the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history.

Lol! We do hope you also learnt something today.

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