You’re Not Broke Dear, You’re Just Poor!! Here Are All The Signs That Prove This Is True

We never really say this enough but…


You were so keen on becoming an adult and now that you’re here, look at you, suffering and being broke all the time!!

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You’re always so broke you’ve forgotten how it feels like to have enough to buy whatever you want when you want!

Sorry to break it to you…if you’ve experienced any of these, you are not broke, YOU ARE POOR!!!

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When your friends invite you out, the first thing you do is calculate the distance, how much you’re spending, how much things will cost.

Most of the time, you don’t go anywhere because, after all your calculations, you realize you’re better off staying at home and saving your money.

And when you do go out, you order the cheapest item on the menu cos you really can’t risk things.

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If you’re a worker, you count the days till your salary drops and before it even lands in your account, it’s finished!!!!

You haven’t bought anything for yourself in awhile! All you spend your money on is food, transportation and essentials. Nothing else.

You find yourself looking at the cheapest possible options for anything you want to buy.

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And when something of yours gets spoilt or develops a problem, your whole world comes crashing down because…extra cost to fix it or replace it!!!

Bills scare you. You have to pay them but every time you see it, it still scares you and before it even comes, you still worry about it all the time. Now all the time, it is bills bills bills on your mind.

100 cedis is a lot of money for you. Even 50 cedis! It goes very fast but still… it’s just so much!

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Your JHS maths teacher will be so proud of you! You’ve done so much calculating in your head, your mind is a calculator now. So quick, so fast!

You never ever Uber unless you’ve got a discount and that one kraa you start your journey with a troski till you are close enough to Uber! You will never Uber all the way, in and out of your destination!

When you see the price of some stuff and you actually see people owning these things, you get confused cos… can people easily afford these things????

It’s happening, right? It’s dawning on you, isn’t it?

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Keep calm.

You’d be fine dear.

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