#Emergers2019: Yo This Is Huge!! iPhone DJ Has Been Named As A Brand Ambassador For The App He Uses To Deejay!!!!

What happens when you’re so great at what you do?

You start getting recognized for your amazing skill!

We discovered the iPhone DJ sometime last year. We were all in awe of the unassuming young man that made crowds fall at his feet with the sounds that came from his phone!!

Just like his name clearly says, iPhone DJ uses just his phone to DJ at big concerts and events everywhere! His skill gained him recognition everywhere, making his name a common one at all big and high profile events in the country.

In an interview with Kuulpeeps.com, when he was featured on Emergers2019, a platform where we project young people who are doing exceptionally well in their various fields, the uniquely talented DJ revealed to us his ‘secret’ weapon… the djay app.

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He mentioned that he uses the djay app which can be found on the Playstore and App store. Clearly, he’s found a way to infuse his skill into this app which is why lowkey, we aren’t surprised that Algoriddim, the developers of the djay app he uses, has named him as one of their DJ ambassadors!


This is dope, right? Especially after Idris Elba casually name-dropped him in an interview on E! Idris was talking about his experience in Ghana and a certain DJ who was killing his set with just an iPhone.

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