Sex Is Really Not All Fun And Games Charley! Here Are The Most Common Sex Injuries And How To Treat Them!

Some of you can attest to the fact that even though sex is enjoyable, it’s really not all fun and games.

There are annoying times where for example, you don’t really get an orgasm but your partner has sooo… it just sort of…ends the session and there are the times where sex is, just dare we say, hazardous?

Vaginal Tears

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A vaginal tear is exactly what is; a small cut or tear to the entrance to the vagina, or the vaginal wallIn severe cases, they can also cause bleeding and infection. Vaginal tears usually happen when your girl is not lubricated enough.

Muscle cramps

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The body parts mostly cramped during the sexual intercourse are legs and thighs (you know why). Walk around, stretch or maybe take a painkiller if you can’t bear the pain. Change position so that your body doesn’t have to remain in one position which can lead to cramps.

Broken penis

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To set the record straight, you can’t literally break a penis, since it doesn’t contain bones… duh! But you can severely bend a penis, to the point that the two tubes of blood that fill it during an erection actually rupture. There’s usually a snapping sound when this happens, followed by severe pain, a bruised penis and swelling. Yikes!

Soreness in vagina

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Soreness in the vagina after a sizzling hot session with your partner is very common. A lot of rapid thrusting and a rough session can be the reason behind the same. A painkiller can be taken in case of extreme pain or the best is to go and consult your doctor.

Missing foreign objects in the vagina

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First of all, don’t put anything that isn’t for the vagina into the vagina. Even vibrators and other toys can get lost. If you lose anything down there you need to see a doctor.

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