Dela Anyah The Author Who Infuses Life Experiences Of Himself And Of Others In His Writings

If you’ve interacted with Dela Anyah then trust me you probably might have had a bit of your conversation in one of his books for a good cause. We interacted with the Author /Artist to unearth more about his Writing life.

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Dela Anyah

In our interactions, he revealed real-life situations to inspire his writings.

“I will refer to my writings as real talk. I keep nothing behind closed doors, it’s a fusion of memoirs and my interactions with others and most of all the lessons that I can share with anyone in the same space or place in life.”

How long have you been writing?

Since 2011. It’s crazy because I was never a good English student. But when the time came to write, I just had a rush of ideas and conversations going through my mind. When I prayed God just told me to start typing what I hear whenever I hear the thoughts. And that’s how it all began.

Every Author has preferred topics to write about here’s what Dela writes about. 

“Relationships, be it family, friends or other intimate types. I write about struggles and one’s purpose in life and also on my questions about God.”

Dela writes to impact the Society with well thought and knowledgeable writings

God said for “lack of knowledge my people perish”. I just want people to be filled with knowledge so they don’t repeat or make certain mistakes that will dent or negatively alter their destinies.

He’s got a couple of books under his belt 

The Love Rehab, which was really about a young preacher’s struggle to love the people he has been called to preach to. It was inspired by my trips to atemuda and experiences after.
The Mask Wearers: this was about a current situation we have in society with many who are dying on the inside but wear happy faces that cover up their pain. This book inspired my Abuse Series. In that body of work, many of the victims had masks as facing showing how they are amongst us but we never get to see or know because they cover their pain.
Sinderilla was a book I wrote to help people release stress. I just keep laughing whiles working on it. It’s a poetic piece that shows a wicked queen turning good after a “divine” encounter she had.

Though I used a lot of cartoons it’s not really a children’s book. Lastly the End of Abuse, which featured my thoughts on the subject of Abuse, I speak about male abuse and also highlight the stories behind the various paintings in the Abuse Series.

We got to know how a typical writing day for Dela looks like.

A typical writing day is me sitting behind my phone typing away as thoughts come to me. I don’t spend long hours writing but concentrated hours, then I switch to painting or designing.

We got curious, he shared what his work schedule looked like.

I have a tall to-do list that I just try to cross out as the day goes on. I jump into projects where the inspiration is the highest or as I am led.

Research ain’t part of his plan basically. 

I am constantly studying random stuff so I never really “research”. I learned back in 2011 not to research but rather allow God to speak. I tried the research route and the flow of thoughts stopped. So since then I just write as God speaks and I don’t go researching deliberately for a particular book.

Every Artist has a different view of success. 
Success is seeing people impacted by what God creates through me. More money is great and will be happily pocketed. But exhibitions, a million copies sold and fame all don’t mean a thing when people aren’t impacted. Just knowing that someone’s life went from A to B is enough to make me feel “success”. It’s a God we did it type moment.

When you are writing an emotional piece how do you get into the mood?

Sometimes music helps, I remember buying loads of albums when writing the Love Rehab. Certain songs just set the mood for writing deeply emotional stuff.

Are you working on anything yet?

You will have to wait and see, just follow me on social media for more details lol.

Who is your favourite author?

Rev Kenneth Hagin is one of my favourites. He inspired me to write raw and unfiltered stories of my life whiles bringing out the true essence of how God moved and changed things.

What book are you reading now? 

Currently reading Business secrets from the Bible. It’s a book that Franka Andoh, my amazing mentor gave me.

What favourite book did you love reading when growing up.

I hated reading books as a kid. It was in 2007 that I can recall actually reading a whole book. My parents bought me a huge box of books for my birthday. Out of which I read one that transformed my life: it was how to make friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie. That book thought me the skills I needed to make connections and hold conversations.

What favourite book do you still love reading over and over again as an adult?

Once I am done reading a book, I am done. I never go back to books I have put away: well with the exception of the Bible. But yeah, there are so many more books to read.

It was an interesting interaction with Dela Anyah we definitely looking forward to having interesting interactions.

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