Twitter Users Sound Off On TED Talk Speaker Who Reportedly Claimed That Paedophiles Should Be Allowed To Express Their Sexuality


Earlier last week, a video of a Ted Talk concerning paedophilia that was given last year found its way back to the top of our Twitter timelines and caused quite a stir.

From the short clip, it seemed the speaker was making a case for paedophiles and likening their condition to sexual orientation, and arguing that they should be allowed to fully express their sexuality.

The point of that entire talk was to highlight the fact that there were people who couldn’t help being paedophiles and that if this was recognised and wasn’t treated as a taboo subject, a lot more could be done to prevent these people from acting on their urges.

She repeatedly argued that paedophiles being allowed to live out their urges would end in a disaster and that sexual relationship with minors was child sexual abuse.

Unsurprisingly, this video got a lot of people talking on Twitter.

Others also vehemently disagreed with the position of the speaker…

The video in question was subsequently removed from the TedX’s YouTube channel, as it was noted that her statements could easily be misinterpreted.

The speaker and TED, in an article dated 19th June, 2018 stated that they were not in support of or advocating for paedophilia.

The video was accompanied by a 2010 Harvard Health article; “Pessimism about paedophilia” which was reposted several times with misleading captions.

This article, again, is not an argument for the legalisation of paedophilia, or it’s inclusion in the LGBT community, but basically raised the same case the TED video did; that children would be much safer from child sexual abuse if paedophiles were able to get psychological help without any fear of ridicule or scorn.

The argument is that paedophilia must be treated just like any other mental condition.

Albeit, one with far more disastrous outcomes if left unchecked.

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