You Probably Need To Hear This; Read This And Wash Your Makeup Brushes Afterwards!!

Weeell…when was the last time you washed your brushes?

The guilty look on your face tells us everything we need to know.

We are sure that since you bought those brushes they haven’t seen water. We sort of get it though, especially if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t wear makeup every day; you can slip into complacency when it comes to the state of your brushes.

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Makeup brushes usually acquire bacteria as soon as you start using them, and that bacteria can come from the oil and dirt on your skin and infect your makeup products. Even if you don’t see those germs, they’re growing.

Just like you wouldn’t go weeks or months using the same unwashed towel after a shower (well now that we think about it, some of you actually do), you shouldn’t use the same brush again and again without giving it a good cleansing regularly!

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In an ideal world, you should clean your brush after every use but ain’t nobody got time for that.

The most applicable thing is to clean them every week and wash them once a month. Yup, there is a difference.

With cleaning, you just need to buy a brush cleanser spray and spritz it on the brushes and clean it using a paper towel or tissue to get rid of the surface residue, or spray the cleaner directly onto a paper towel and then sweep the brush through it until the makeup on it is gone.

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For either cleaning or washing if you need some motivation, just remember the feeling of brushing those super-soft, brand-new bristles on your face back in the day when you first bought your brushes.

You can get that feeling back — it just takes a little extra care!

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