It Hurts That Today Is Not A Holiday But…Start A Holiday Vibe And Make Your Day Bearable With This Playlist!

Yeah, we are all bummed out today.

One, because it’s a Monday and two… because it’s supposed to be a holiday but it’s not!!

1st July, Republic Day and we are all trooping to work!!

We are all lowkey mad but hey…here’s something to make you feel better!

As usual, we’ve put together an amazing playlist that is guaranteed to bost your mood all day today! If it’s not a holiday, we are making it a holiday with music!

That doesn’t mean you should stop work, please…

Today’s playlist puts the spotlight on a super talented singer who is so good he was one of our Emergers2019!!!!

Watch Kelvyn Boy tell the story behind all the tattoos on his body!! 

He recently dropped a fire EP, the T.I.M.E EP and if we ever had any doubts about his talent, this EP knocked us right back on track!!

We put together our faves of all his songs and we are serving you with this fire playlist that is bound to make you dance! From tracks on his new EP to songs, he dropped way before we started to recognise him.

Here’s our Kelvyn Boy essentials playlist!!

Enjoy the playlist and don’t forget to follow us and check out our other playlists too!!!

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