Weekend, Check! Sun, Check! Yup! The Beach Is Calling And We Are Definitely Picking Up!!


It’s been a long week and we’re sure you can’t wait to run out of your office at 5 pm and scream on top of your lungs “Bye B*#tches”! Well… of course not when your boss is around but even with that, you can whisper it, no one will catch you.

Anyways, the weekend is so close we can almost taste it and what is better than to spend a whole day at the beach in your bikini, shirtless in this hot weather?! Huh? Nothing!!

For the ladies, we come bringing you good tidings in the form of what should be in your beach bag so you don’t forget any essential thing at home.


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For most of you this really isn’t a priority especially considering the fact that in Ghana, most people like to really dress and go to the beach. It doesn’t really make sense though.

The one place you wouldn’t be judged if you wear shorts and cropped tops or shorts paired with a bikini top but you’ve decided to go and wear high waisted jeans, with a crop top plus a boyfriend jacket on it.

Oh, we forgot to add… sneakers! Sneakers! Ah well… each to his own but we will strongly advice that if you’re just going to relax, wear the least number of clothes as possible.


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You think you’re African so you don’t need sunscreen? It’s true that here in Ghana we’ve experienced a lot of sunshine and heat for most of our lives and it seems like nothing is wrong with our skin but we need sunscreen.

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Even though melanin gives darker skin tones some sun protection, it’s not enough to prevent skin cancer. Zinc oxide which is the sunscreen gold standard blocks a broader range of the sun’s light than titanium dioxide and may be more stable. Sunscreen is important. Sunscreen is what helps keep the melanin magical and the skin healthy.

Beach towel

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Whether to sit on the beach sand or wrap around your waist, towels have proven to be invaluable assets when you’re at the beach. Also, after you take a dip into the water, you need to make sure you can dry yourself off comfortably.


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Even if you’re wearing sneakers to the beach, we suggest that you put slides in your beach bag so you can change into them when you get to the beach. They’re easy to wear and its easy to “pour out” the sand through your feet.


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Sunglasses are in vogue with the different types coming into the market. Apart from it being a fashion accessory, it’s also very important health wise since they protect the eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays which cause cataracts and retinal dysfunction amongst other conditions.

 Hats/ visors

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These protect your hair, eyes, and skin from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays which cause skin cancer. Wearing them improves your body temperature and prevents sunburn.

Yup! That’s it! You’re all set for a wavy weekend!

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