We Will Not Tolerate Any Avocado Slander!! Did You Know They Are Natural Aphrodisiacs? Here’s Proof Of It’s Versatility!

Avocados The vitamin E in avocados work wonders for hormones. (Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

Now that we have your attention…

It’s AVOCADO!!! AVOCADO, not pear!

Almost everyone here in Ghana calls these gifts from God, pear and we understand cos they really do look alike, but hey, quick lesson, Pears are actually fruits that are eaten like apples. Some people even consider them as long apples

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But, avocados are ermm… avocados are what you call pear

Now that we are clear on what they are actually called….

People hate on avocados and WE JUST DON’T GET IT!!!

These things are blessings!! Blessings from the Creator!!

Look, God made avocados on the day he rested! Nothing to distract him cos wow what a versatile fruit!!!

Avocados in your tummy!!!!!!

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Avocados are like the perfect addition to every food you eat! They make everything better! Waakye? Add some slices of avocado! Jollof? Sure! slice of bread with avocados in them? Yes, please! Boiled yam or ampesi?? Take me to heaven la!!!

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And they’re like the perfect thing to snack on raw!! Just slice it up, add some salt and just eat it!!

If you want, you can make it into Guacamole!! Guacamole is an avocado-based dip, spread, or salad made from mashed up avocado, salt, onions and any other ingredient you want to add! There are a ton of recipes to try! Just serve it with anything!!!!

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Avocado Hair and Beard Mask

If you don’t want to eat it, it’s amazing for your hair as a hair mask!!!

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It helps retain moisture in your hair because of how enriched it is in amino acids!! Just mash up the ripe avocado or blend it to make it less lumpy, add some oils of your choice or and some honey, coat your hair with it for about 30 minutes and wash it out! It’s amazing for treating damaged hair and it’s perfect for both natural and permed hair!

Gentlemen, you can use it for your beards too!!!

Sexy Time With Avocado Aphrodisiac

Avocados are also natural aphrodisiacs!!

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First of all, these things are as sexy as hell!! Look at those sexy hips!! They even look like testic… Anyway, take a seed and place it in a litre of wine. Let it sit and infuse for a month before taking out the seed. Drink it with the love of your life and ermmm

Avocado for your skin

Avocados are perfect for your skin!

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Just mash some up, mix it with honey and apply on your face as a mask! Keep it in for about 20 minutes and wash it off and the next time you step out, EVERYONE will ask you what your skincare routine is! You can just lie and say it’s water and minding your business!

Booze Smoothie!!!!

We aren’t surprised that Avocados bring the fun in every way!!!

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You can make some bomb ass cocktails with avocados!!! There are a million cocktails you can spice up using avocados!! Avocados actually add some creamy richness, and you don’t really taste the avocado. Plus, it also makes the whole thing go down extra smoothly…

Avocado Dye

You can actually do this on your own and it’s pretty simple!

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After you eat that creamy flesh of the avocado, take those big ass seeds/pits, wash them and put it in a big pot to boil until the water turns to pink and then a deep maroon. It’d take between 20-40 minutes to see the colour change. Now just put your fabric into the water for hours or overnight and that’s it!! You’d get a nice pink colour!!! The more seeds/pits you put in the water, the darker the colour will be.

Now you get it?

The next time we hear any avocado slander…

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