These 5 “Taboo” Things Can Actually Improve Your Relationship!!


Who really decides what is best for your relationship? For some reason, society is the answer to this question meanwhile it’s the 2 of you who are in the relationship. We subconsciously follow the script given to us by our family members, friends, and movies.

But you know what? Only you and you alone can tell what harms your relationships and what makes them stronger. Here are 5 “taboos” that might actually save your relationships.

Not Texting Each Other Every. Single. Time.

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Is it strange to not text your partner on your lunch break? You don’t always need instant access to your partner or vice versa. If you’re busy with work or a hobby, you don’t need to constantly be texting your partner. In fact, it can be more meaningful to enjoy something in the present moment, then tell your partner about it later face to face.

Keep Some Secrets To Yourself

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It’s not by force to share all your secrets to your partner. If you don’t want to tell your partner about something in your past, forget them. Don’t say it. If you’re mulling over an issue and aren’t ready to share, that’s fine. It’s all about deciding what’s right for your relationship, and going with your gut when it comes to sharing secrets. In doing so, you’ll be creating the type of relationship that’s right for you.

Go Out Without Them

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Having moments away from each other can actually improve your relationship, in a pretty significant way. If you’re in a committed, trusting relationship, this time apart can actually bring more to your relationship than you might expect— new conversations, how much they appreciate you and all you do, time to miss each other, etc.

Sleeping Separately

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If both the partners are perfectly comfortable sleeping separately and it doesn’t affect their relationship, then there’s absolutely no harm in that. If you are sleeping in a separate room to avoid intimacy with your partner, then it’s a problem. But otherwise, it’s absolutely okay.

Talk About Your Ex

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Knowing a person’s past can really give you a good idea of who they are, and the act of discussing an ex definitely makes you more vulnerable. It’s a whole different issue if you find yourself or your partner talking about an ex day in and day out — that’s a sign that they’re not quite over an ex.

You need to do what is right for both of you charley! Forget everybody!

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