6 Things You Need To Know Before Applying For A Meter Service From PDS

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Applying for a meter service should not be stressful. Some customers are not aware of the procedure, processes and cost when they are in need of a meter service.

Here are six things you need to know before you apply for a meter from PDS:

Meters are not sold but come with a service charge:

Contrary to the perception held by most of our customers, meters are not for sale. Customers only make a one-time contribution towards its installation and maintenance. The amount paid at the time of applying for a service does not include the cost of the meter. Depending on the type of service being applied for, a customer could make some capital contribution towards the materials used in drawing service e.g. Conductors, poles and accessories.

A wiring installation completion certificate is required to apply for a meter service:

The wiring of every household must be approved by a representative (agent) of the Energy Commission by providing you with a certified Installation Completion Certificate which comes at a fee. This certificate is part of the requirements when applying for any of our meter services. The Energy Commission is mandated by law to regulate household wiring in the Country. Do not worry if you do not know any representative of the Energy Commission in your area, visit the PDS district that serves your area for information on the agent of the Energy Commission in your area.

A copy of your site plan is needed for a new service

When applying for a new service connection (when there is no existing meter in the house e.g. a new building), you will need to provide the original and photocopy of your site plan, original and photocopy of a valid national identity card, your name, address and telephone contact. In the case of applying for a separate meter, you will provide your name, location address, contact telephone number, and a fully paid current receipt of the mother meter you are separating your load from. The original copies you present will be returned after inspection.

Do not use the services of middlemen or agents

When applying for a service, do not use the services of any middlemen or agents to avoid disappointment and unnecessary high costs. Visit the PDS District office or the PDS Customer Service Center that serves the area to apply. The Customer Relations Assistant (CRA) will help you go through a very easy and simple application process. A quotation will be given to you after an inspection of your site has been carried out. The quotation given will provide service connection fee up to a maximum of two poles depending on where the last pole to your house has been installed. Currently, the Company is not using the sale of application forms. You will need to provide some important information (original and photocopy of any valid ID card, name and telephone contact number and a current fully paid receipt of the mother meter for separate meter application and if it’s a new service connection, an original and photocopy of your site plan) for processing your application. You will be given a service application quotation of GH10.00 to pay to the Cashier, after which you will be given a receipt for the process to continue. Make payments relating to your service application to PDS Cashiers only, and insist on a receipt.

Various types of service connection are provided by PDS at different rates

After an inspection on your site by our estimator, a customer will qualify for any of our services below depending on the outcome of the inspection:

Straight service: where PDS draws a service line from the nearest PDS pole to the customer’s premises.

Separate Meter: where PDS only installs an additional meter to a customer’s premises that already has PDS service line and energy meter(s)

Additional Load: where PDS draws two additional lines to the customer’s premises to upgrade an existing single-phase service to a three-phase service. The existing single phase meter is also replaced with a three-phase meter.

1 or 2 Pole Extension: where PDS extends the network with an additional pole(s) and conductors and then draws a service line from the pole(s) to the customer’s premises. This service includes the installation of an energy meter.

SHEP (Self Help Electrification Project)/GOG Project: This is similar to a normal straight service connection. It is generally funded by the Government of Ghana and therefore concessionary rates (determined periodically by GOG) apply.

Meters are not to be moved from one location to the other

Meters are not to be transferred from one place to the other. A meter is issued for use in a specific location and should NEVER be transferred to another point. All our meters are geo-referenced for easy identification of customers and database collection. So movement from one place to other can result in data loss. It also leaves room for illegalities. For more information, visit our website www.pdsghana.com or you can visit any of our social media handles on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @pdsghanaltd for help.

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