NSMQ2019: The National Science And Maths Quiz Is A Roller Coaster Of Emotions! These Are The Different Types Of People We’ve Observed So Far

The National Science and Maths Quiz is happening right now on the University Of Ghana campus and everyone who’s interested is currently there, supporting their Senior High Schools!

The NSMQ is a bloody war of knowledge and every SHS that qualified is doing all they can to prove to Ghanaians that their school is the best in all of GH!

Kuulpeeps is there, as usual, giving you all live updates on the competition and we noticed this!

At every NSMQ competition, there are some specific types of people you’d see!!

There are the people who cannot let the competition stress them. They are happy no matter what the outcome is and are just…there.

Then there are the ones who can’t really keep up with the questions so they are just there, waiting for their school to maybe win something so they can shout but until then….”hmmm I wonder what is for dining today”

The one who cannot coman and kill themselves because you people want to watch children answer science questions. Wake him up when it ends charle.

The die-hard fans. They are usually students who finished school a long time ago but hey…anything to support their High school.

The emotional wrecks who put their heart and soul into the whole competition!

The ones who just came to shout for their school. Half the time they dunno what is going on but hey, they’d shout the loudest every time!!!

The ones who know for a fact that they could have represented their school better because “ah what is this?? Cheap question liddat?! How are they getting it wrong?!!!”

The ones who follow the competition every step of the way. They didn’t just come to observe. They are genuinely into the whole competition and are looking forward to seeing the outcome. Most of the time, these ones are definitely teachers.

The official dancers/choreographers. They have a routine that’s either decided on beforehand or during the competition and they go hard anytime their school wins. They are on everyone’s social media, dancing.

And finally, there are the ones who didn’t just come to observe, but to learn something too!! Sharks! Oshuukukus!! They’re here to try their hands at the questions and maybe, go see their science and math teacher after the competition, to ask more questions.

Every day, there’s one of these at the UGBS and tbh, that’s what makes the whole National Science And Math Quiz extra exciting!!!

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