These Weird Allergies We Found Will Make You Rethink Your Life And Start Thanking God!!

Allergies occur when your body’s defence system overreacts to a foreign substance called an allergen. We won’t bore you with the details but all you need to know is that people are really suffering when it comes to exposure to the “allergens” that you might not consider a big deal.

These allergens might be… wait… who are we kidding? They really are funny since we can’t really wrap our heads around them but it is important to note that life is really hard for some people out there.


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The technical name for this allergy is a polymorphic light eruption but it’s also known as sun poisoning and is sometimes hereditary.

It manifests in a number of different ways — most typically as rashes, blisters, redness, or hives on the skin, which often look like an extreme case of sunburn.


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Yup… you read right! Allergic reactions sometimes result from the proteins found in semen. The symptoms occur following sexual intercourse where sperm comes into contact with the vagina. Those with the condition report redness, swelling, itching and pain and these are quite similar to symptoms for other STI’s so you can get misdiagnosed.

Like all allergies, it’s not necessarily a lifelong affliction — you could just wake up one morning and find that you are suddenly allergic to penis juice.

Cell Phone

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Caaallmm your tits! These people aren’t allergic to the phone itself but the metals which make up the phone. Some people are allergic to the metals used to make the phone like nickel and cobalt. The allergies can cause skin redness, swelling, itching, and blistering where the metal touches your skin.


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Basic actions such as clapping, running, travelling or using a drill can all induce urticarial reactions. Most reactions last for less than an hour but can still cause feelings of self-consciousness and discomfort.

Raw fruits and vegetables

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For some of you, the closest thing to vegetable intake is plantain chips but who are we to judge? For some people, this really is the only thing they can eat when it comes to fruits and vegetables. They suffer from oral allergy syndrome and experience itching, burning, and pain in their throat whenever they eat raw fruits or vegetables.

Allergy medicine

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Sigh! The world is really hard oo! The medicine you’ll take to calm your allergic reactions too nu, you’re allergic to it. Well technically these allergies are usually related to the dyes or other ingredients used in commercially available allergy meds, rather than the anti-allergy chemicals themselves — these allergy sufferers can still get treated for their allergies by professionals.

We are sorry but through our extensive research there’s nothing like allergic to work or school so… you need to go to those but there is such a thing as allergy to exercising so the next time someone asks why you don’t go to the gym to lose the weight you’re always complaining about, there’s the perfect excuse!

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