You Probably Didn’t Know You Needed These Travel Beauty Hacks But… You’re Welcome!

For most of y’all summer equals travelling and we could not agree more. If we had money we would have been doing same. Sigh. Y’all are living the life.  Anyways, moving away from our pity party, here are 5 beauty hacks you should have under your belt when travelling.

1. Get a satin/silk pillowcase

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While silk/satin pillowcases don’t exactly prevent wrinkles, they are a better option than cotton alone, since it doesn’t create friction and helps prevent abrasion of the skin. Also, it helps retain moisture, which can be beneficial in wrinkle prevention.

2. Moisturize Before Long Flights

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Flights are SO drying and you need to moisturize before- and not for just your face, but your whole body!

3. Leave your makeup brushes at home

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Makeup brushes tend to accumulate more dirt when you travel with them so you can skip them. Most of the makeup can be done with your fingers so just capitalise on that and make sure you wash your hands very well before you apply the makeup.

4. Get eyelash extensions before you travel

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Not the strip type you can do on your own, but the ones that are fixed individually on your natural lashes. With your lashes catered for, you skip applying mascara and eye makeup, reducing the number of makeup products you pack.

5. In case you forgot something…

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Relax. Some makeup products can be used for more than one purpose. Some eye shadow palettes can be used for contouring and highlighting depending on the colours available. Normal wite powder, when used well, can be used to highlight your face. Red lipstick can be used as a blush. Blush can be used as an eyeshadow. You get the picture right?

Safe travels guys and keep slaying on us!

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